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Caliraya Lake, Laguna is one of the largely within reach travel destinations from Metro Manila for those who wish to take a short vacation. Caliraya Lake, located in the town of Lumban, Laguna, is about two hours away from Manila and very near Laguna Lake. Guests to Caliraya Lake are delight to a scenic view of the famous Laguna Bay.

Caliraya Lake is positioned approximately 365 meters above sea level, and is hovering high in the Sierra Madre. The Caliraya Lake encounters cool climate all year round. Winds start gusting in Lake Caliraya from the opening of September up to end of May.

Caliraya Lake’s deep, as well as the surrounding hills, are made up by ruddy clay topsoil. The lake’s base has a very soft clay bed. Local residents of the Caliraya Lake surroundings even now tell stories about certain areas in the lake that are presumed to have sucked boats down – a speculative claim typical among superstitious residents.

The Caliraya Lake’s surroundings have been equated to various American resorts, as recommended by the abundance of pine trees, as well as constant cool climate, and leafy hills. Also, many islands of different shapes and sizes have been formed during the creation of the Caliraya Lake. These entire islands in Caliraya Lake are unnamed. The biggest island on Caliraya Lake is approximately as big as Luneta Park, while the smallest is really a sandbar about three (3) sq.m often submerged during high tide. This tiny island can be viewed from Lagos del Sol Resort along the main road of Caliraya Lake.

Caliraya Lake was formed in late 1930s by the engineers of US Army. The purpose of flooding the valley of the Sierra Madre mountain in Cavinti is to form the Caliraya Lake was to produce hydro-electric power electricity for Manila. Since then it obtain popularity, real estate developers begin to improve the surroundings as observed by the several resorts and clubhouses that mark out the Caliraya Lake. A 2 days trip at Caliraya Lake would be appealing and achievable if you will book an overnight stay at some of the popular resorts or hotels in Caliraya Lake.

In just 2 to 3 hours drive from Marcos Highway to Caliraya Lake, you will be stunned for a more scenic view of the Rizal mountains ranges, and then you will reach the site of these beautiful islands of Caliraya Lake.

The Japanese Garden is an amazingly peaceful place at the Caliraya Lake area. It is worthy of a visit as it is cheap entrance for just a 10pesos entrance fee and you can roam around all you want and see the greenery of Caliraya Lake! Many visitors of Caliraya Lake stop by the garden spend a couple of hours strolling around the park and relaxed for a moment. You can take your cook set in Caliraya Lake as there are a lot of delightful spots where one can camp out, chill and loosen up. There are sheds as well to keep you from the heat of the sun. But it’s best to set around the grass or under a tree that will protect you from the heat of the sun.

In Caliraya Lake, there is a shrine that is dedicated to the Yamashita – Tiger of Malaya whose treasures are said to be buried underneath the tunnels, bunker, caves and underground multifarious in the country. On this area of Caliraya Lake, you will get through to this shrine after facing the set of steps around 50 or so steps. The surroundings have several beautiful and colorful floras for being a garden. There is a pool where water lilies freely hover above the surface of the water; and more sight- seeing in the Caliraya Lake.

Walking for more steps will bring you to the garden’s highest point. On top of this hill, you will get a sight of a section of Caliraya Lake and several of the green views below. You will see lush green vegetation everywhere. The grasses indeed a soothing spot for your leg muscles and are very welcoming after a nice short hike.

There is similar and neighbor of Caliraya Lake and also famous for its scene of deep fishing in the Philippines!

The Boardsailing in Caliraya Lake is one of the finest sailing and Caliraya Lake site with thousands of kilometers of coastline. Caliraya Lake is the most preferred destination for city-based board sailors. The wind comes in just above the water even in winds of up to 30 knots leaving the surface flat smooth. These are perfect conditions for speed which Caliraya Lake offers.

Caliraya Lake indeed a holistic retreat with the fresh-laced environment (where smoking and drinking are not allowed) matched with comfortable sleeping guest rooms and cottages and a wide range of recreational activities, it would be comfortable for guests to put behind awful vices.

The hotel or resort’s guest rooms and nipa cottages of Caliraya Lake allows more time for families, friends and groups to catch up and renew ties providing comfort without the accompaniments.

Recreation and Meditation

Caliraya Lake is a place perfect for inner healing, the amenities and facilities in Caliraya Lake are also very much adjusted to wholesome entertainment and fun-filled activities.

For those seeking for privacy, solitude and silence, a long walk around Caliraya Lake is already a treat in itself where one can contemplate on the lovely scenery composed of lake and mountains. For the sporting kind however, Caliraya Lake has a long list of water sports activities and outdoor games that awaits them.

Caliraya Lake is well known as a windsurfing site and the intense fishing capital of the Philippines.

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