Caliraya Resort Club


Caliraya Resort Club is a retreat settled upon mountains along the Caliraya Lake coast. Caliraya Resort Club has a exceptional site, it presents a breathtaking view of the entire area. Caliraya Resort Club is located in Lumban, Laguna with 7.6 hectares of lush greenery area just 2.5 hours southern Metro Manila. Caliraya Resort Club has 72 hotel rooms with featured air-conditioning, cable televisions and hot and cold showers. Caliraya Resort Club has the capacity to accommodate 800 people for day tours and overnight stay.

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Currently, Caliraya Resort Club is operated by Caliraya Recreation Center and Kolobial is the Reservation Center

Caliraya Lake is actually situated in the three towns of Laguna, namely Cavinti, Lumban and Kalayaan. It is a man-creation mountain lake inclusive with sand bars and coves that we could brag worldwide. Caliraya Lake is also a home of some beautiful resorts. You could reach Caliraya Lake by private or public transport.

Caliraya Lake and Lake Lumot are connected to each other. Caliraya Lake is actually a large reservoir created in late 1930s by the American engineers to provide water to the Hydroelectric Plant of Caliraya. Now, Caliraya Lake became a major tourist destination.

The entrepreneurs with apprehension created two adjacent communities while dams were constructed,  which were intended to be ecological communities, where one can experience the beauty and richness of unspoiled nature. The results were man-made mountain lakes complete with sand bars and coves РCaliraya Lake and Sierra Lakes.

Caliraya Lake is a well noted lake to catch the famed Largemouth Black Bass where Philippine anglers can attempt to do one of the best freshwater game fish in the US. Caliraya Lake history says that the Americans planted the lake with Largemouth Black Bass imported from the US. And it is now continue to multiply and provide game fishers with year-round weekend excitement. We thought that Caliraya Lake is the only place in the whole country to do this gamefish. The Caliraya Lake is really an ideal for game fishing as fairly large game fish swim here.

The waters of Caliraya Lake are serene and calculates about 51 meters at its deepest. The lake roves over and extends partly sunken hills which form islands. The coasts are of muggy red clay on selected areas and pebbled on other areas. One of the resort in Caliraya Lake is rested on above the low-lying hills overlooking the lake and grasps a stunning view of the lake and three (3) great mountains namely Cristobal, Banahaw and the Makiling in addition to the tail part of Laguna de Bay.

The cool waters of Caliraya Lake and the soothing mountain breeze that gust s from the distant Mount Banahaw and the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, makes Caliraya Lake a perfect place for water sports such as wind surfing, boating, kayaking and water skiing. A boat trip the entire lake is also accessible that would take about four (4)hours.

Caliraya is a place where you can relax luxuriously – take a boat ride water ski or wind sail and fishing. Or, you can just explore the surrounding forest and enjoy the sun and wind or simply enjoy the cool breeze. An ideal place to veer away from the constraint s of the corporate jumble and run away from your own private, classy and serene private tropical oasis, or a getaway place with your friends, partner and families.

Come and visit the excellent place of Caliraya Resort Club for you to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

The Caliraya Lake is an over-whelming, a wonderful and beautiful man-creation lake once worked as a water basin many decades ago.

Nowadays, few numbers of resorts are on prosper along the exceptional Caliraya Lake, have peace of mind, relaxed, have fun, invite people to visit and enjoy with your family, friends and love ones to escaped, even temporarily, the constrictions of the corporate jungle at the city.

Marine Sports

Caliraya Resort Club offers windsurfing , you will see people doing this activities as you visit this place. There are also some people who even brought their own jet skis and speedboats, while some are with their kayaks and canoes. If you do not have any of these valuable things, the Caliraya Resort Club along with other Caliraya Lake resorts can provide you where you could rent boat, kayaks, jet skis and other gears.

Boat Ride

One of the activities you might want to enjoy at the Caliraya Resort Club is the Boat Riding. The best time for you to ride the boat is late afternoon and early morning, to avoid and not get exposed to the fervent heat of the sun.

Boat trip provides a variety of beautiful sceneries while you were wandering the Caliraya Lake, so, we suggest to bring your own camera to capture every wonderful moment you may have.


Caliraya Resort Club offers a campsite with a variety of beautiful tents where you can stay. This is an ideal place for nature lovers, vacationists and for people who really wanted to run away from the busy and fast-life of the metropolis.


Caliraya Resort Club is the particular place for persons who loves fishing and is definitely for you. The Caliraya Lake has its fishing site for those who want fishing activities, cook them and eat the freshly caught fish the way you want it.


There is never a boring moment at the Caliraya Resort Club. There is a wide array of fun-filled activities awaits the guests at the Caliraya Resort Club. With its spacious courts, forested fields, green, the man-made lake as well as its many amenities and facilities, the Caliraya Resort Club is a place far from the crowd.

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